Wednesday, September 06, 2006

High Lakes Trip Photos

Labor Day weekend 2006: TU Chapter 678 headed out to the Erma Bell lakes region in the Willamette National Forest. Members hiked in to base camp at Lower Erma Bell Lake and proceeded to fish and take notes on other remote lakes in the area, including Upper Erma Bell, Middle Erma Bell, Lower Erma Bell and Otter Lakes. The Chapter will report information including water temperature, vegetation, fish confirmations and other info to ODFW in order to help the state determine how to better manage high lakes stocking efforts. Photos below:

Packing in with float tubes

Al Avey fighting a rainbow in Middle Erma Bell

A high lakes rainbow, around 11 inches long

Base camp at Lower Erma Bell

Lots of vegetation, and big smart trout at Otter Lake