Monday, March 10, 2008

TU meeting this week; New listserv

Hey there TU members. We're back on schedule at EWEB this Wed at 7:00pm. Please show up at this meeting if you're interested in shaping the calendar for trips or restoration projects in 2008. We'll be publishing a calendar of events in the near future. Also, TU member Matt Stansberry will present the National Wildlife Federation's slideshow on global warming in Oregon.

Also, if you used the RiseUp.Net listserv for TU, that is going away. If you'd like to stay in touch with our projects, please sign up on our new Yahoo Groups listserv. It's easy and free.

TU tables at NW Fly Tyers and Fly Fishing show

Last weekend TU volunteers manned a booth at the Federation of Fly Fishers NW Fly Tyers and Fly Fishing expo.

Fly tying show

Oregon Fly Tying expo

Fly tying show