Monday, June 25, 2007

Call Representative DeFazio in support of SEAPA

From the desk of Karl Mueller: This weekend TU 678 members assisted our coalition partner Save Our Wild Salmon to gather over 100 signatures urging Bob Lohn, Director of NOAA Fisheries to consider breaching the four lower Snake River dams in the Columbia River Bi-op. TU and Save Our Wild Salmon believe that this is the only way to recover Snake River ESA listed Chinook and Steelhead. On the Snake River, Coho have already gone extinct as have Sockeye and Chinook are barely hanging on. From historic numbers of about 1.5 million fish to the 1960's average of 100,000 fish to a current ten year average of 9,500 wild chinook the trendline that emerges is clear and convincing.

Save Our Wild Salmon

Save Our Wild Salmon

Save Our Wild Salmon

TU also supports House Bill 1507 known as The Salmon Economic Analysis Planning Act (SEAPA). That bill would fund a study to consider the economic impacts removal of the four lower Snake River Dams. Peter DeFazio, has been working behind the scenes to kill this bill. We are desperate to get 30 calls in the Rep DeFazio urging him to support SEAPA. The calls can be short, such as 'My name is, my address is, please support SEAPA. Thank you.' Please take this action.

Rep. DeFazio's phone number is: 541-465-6732

DeFazio's stated opposition is:

1. He does not support the assumption of the act, that dismantling the Columbia Hydrosystem is the only way to recover ESA listed Chinook and Steelhead.

The fact is that the act is a studies bill and make no such assumption.

Furthermore, it is directed specifically at the four lower Snake River dams and not the 'Columbia Hydrosystem.'

2. Peter believes we have to consider the economic impacts of dam removal.

The bill is called the Salmon Economic Analysis and Planning Act. Enough said.

3. We cannot easily make up for the lost power.

Noboday has said that it will be easy, only that it is necessary.

Furthermore, rebuilding the infrastructure will create scores of new jobs.

Here is a link to yesterday's Register-Guard Op-ed.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Willamette River Streambank Restoration

Trout Unlimited McKenzie Upper-Willamette Chapter 678 and Metro Planning have recently partnered to adopt a degraded stretch of streambank along the Willamette River. Historically, the river bank habitat consisted on cottonwood , ash, aspen, fir and cedar as well as numerous smaller species; currently, the section is a blackberry thicket.

The adopted stretch is somwhat steep making mechanical vegetation managment impossible so members of OR Trout, TU Chapter 678 and employees of Metro Planning have been removing the blackberries by hand. Following blackberry removal, native species will be planted and watered in the hope that they establish themselves and provide enhanced habitat value and streamside shade.

All TU members are invited to participate in this enhancement project. Bring yourselves,leather gloves, and some longsleeves. Until further notice, work parties are every Tuesday at 5:30 pm. The strembank section that we are working on is in the Whilamut Natural area of Alton Baker Park.

To reach the site, park at Alton Baker Park or the Community Garden and follow the bikepath upstream. The site is right off the bikepath between the Autzen Footbridge and the Knickerbocker Footbridge (the Knickerbocker footbridge is the foot/ bike crossing just downstream of the I-5 Bridge). The enhancement area is right off the bike path.

This project is right in your backyard and demonstrates TU's commitment to riparian enhancement. We'd love to see you there!